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Because of the WGA Strike, ER was renewed for a 15th season (it was originally slated to end after Season 14), during which Wyle appeared in five episodes as part of the show's plan to bring back former regulars.

Carter arrives to County General as a third-year medical student.

Carter is characterized as lacking the ability of the most gifted physicians.

Greene demands he go to an inpatient rehab center for medical doctors in Atlanta or be fired. Benton confronts him outside the hospital and boards the plane with him.

Upon returning from rehab in Season 7, Carter makes peace with his brain-damaged heroin-addict cousin, Chase, and apologizes for his long absence, saying, "I didn't want to admit to the fact that I was just like you." During Season 9, Carter begins sleeping with Abby after they were quarantined in the ER for two weeks because of the outbreak of monkeypox.

During Season 6, Carter and his friend and medical student Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) were stabbed by patient Paul Sobricki (David Krumholtz), a law student suffering from schizophrenia.

Knight is stabbed in the throat and dies from her injuries; Carter is stabbed in the back and his kidney is damaged, leaving him with lifelong kidney problems.

When Kovač is reported killed in Africa, Carter goes back to retrieve his body at the beginning of Season 10, bringing some hospital supplies with him.

To his surprise, he finds Kovač still alive, but ill with malaria. They initially differ on approaches to treatment, but come to respect and end up in love with each other (see more about Kem below under "Related Characters: Romantic").He cited a budding family and an already lengthy tenure on the show as reasons.Carter was then written out of the show by moving to Africa and marrying his love interest, Makemba Likasu, in the episode "The Show Must Go On".As a result of Carter's chronic battle with pain, survivor guilt, and resistance to getting help, he eventually develops a narcotic addiction and begins to make a series of errors on the job.After Abby Lockhart catches him injecting left-over fentanyl from a trauma into his wrist, Carter's colleagues hold an intervention and Dr.Noah Wyle agreed to make two four-episode appearances in Seasons 12 and 13.While he did so in Season 12, his Season 13 episodes were pushed back a year to season 14.When the uninvited Eric behaves inappropriately at the funeral, even falling into her open grave, it marks the beginning of the end of Carter and Abby's relationship.About a month later, Carter cannot shake his grief or his troubles with Abby, and agrees to go to the Congo (without Abby's agreement) to join Dr. While there, he mends his previous rift with Kovač (due to their mutual feelings for Abby) and they begin to understand one another better.When the clinic is overrun by a militia, Carter is threatened by guerrilla soldiers.He returns after two weeks in the Season 10 beginning episode.

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