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Updating the innova 3100c

Computerized OBD systems started coming online with Volkswagen's fuel injected models as early as 1969.These early versions were very basic and would illuminate a malfunction indicator if there was a problem, but they about the actual nature of the problem.

The large 7-inch touchscreen makes it easy to read and allows for user-friendly navigation.

in your car to display vital information about how your car is operating.

At least with one of these OBD2 scanners you'll know what's wrong before taking it to the shop or having a shot at fixing it yourself.

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It also conveniently sends all of the data to your i OS or Android device.

The Innova 3150f is easy enough for home DIYers to use, but powerful and durable enough for professional use.

Once found, you insert the OBD2 scanner connector, this can either be a cable attached to the scanner or a separate device that wirelessly sends the information, so it can initiate communications with your on-board computers.

You will then see some kind of message like "establishing data link" or "searching for protocol." If your screen does not light up with some kind of message, you device has not made a connection and you should try jiggling the connector or unplugging it and plugging it back in.

It is safe to leave plugged in without draining the battery, so you don't need to lift the hood to check diagnostics.

The Autel AL519 provides state emissions readiness checks and drive cycle verification at the press of a button.

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