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Updating mio c220

Some feature changes are for the better, yet other features were dropped.

Thankfully, the Mio c220 also includes a feature where you can set a starting location different than your current location.

It still amazes me that other companies still ship GPS devices which cannot do this. ) on a GPS device and it cannot even tell me how long my trip tomorrow will take which starts somewhere other than where I currently am. Mio has also chosen to install 3.5 million POIs on the c220.

These drivers are absolute crap and won’t let you interface with your GPS unit at all.

So go into your device manager and locate your Mio under “Mobile Devices”.

While still not as narrow as those two devices, it does shave some width from the c310x.

Mio has done a good job with button placement on this device.While you won’t find every POI in that database, it does offer a bit of a boost over other devices that might contain less than one million.With devices ranging from less than one million to over 12 million POIs, this again puts he c220 in the middle of the pack.The screen is a fairly standard 3.5″ display running 320×240 pixels and can display 65,000 colors. While the screen is not as bright as competitive devices such as the Nuvi 200, it doesn’t perform badly.You should be able to squeeze about 4.5 hours of battery life out of the c220, in the middle of the road of similar devices.With Windows 7, the drivers are already in the OS, so when you plug your Mio into your USB port, it’s going to attempt to install them for you.There’s really nothing you can do about it, just wait until it’s done.There will be a little icon in your task bar that looks like a broken chain.If it remains gray and broken, check your connections and your driver installation.It did the job of a GPS, and did it well, but that was all it did. I am the keeper of the multi-tool, and I know from experience that if an electronic does its job well, it can probably do others just as well.So a little Googling got me onto some websites dedicated to GPS unit hacking.

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