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If you know god exits, you can't have *faith* in god's existence. And I am being intolerant because I say they believe in childish fantasies? On the other hand, if I am right, I will cease existing, so I can't gloat. PS: Thanks to the guy that told me how it's done ;-) PS2: How to make Outlook show more than 100 results from LDAP: Anyone actually **buying** Tree_?

On the other hand, I have been accused of not being tolerant to other's religious beliefs. Mind you, I don't believe such a thing exists or that I will be there, but just for the sake of argument, let's say it does. Brainless adoration of poor people who did their best to live their lives 600 years ago is not such a terrible thing, (even if it is not the smartest thing ever). Here is how you can have Exchange and IMAP at the same time: 1) Close Outlook. 3) There you have a "Mail" icon that was installed by Office. And some people *dare* say windows is easy to manage :-P Yes, I know, old software, whatever. In fact, it fixes a `bug`_ that has been annoying me for a year. That may be a bit subjective, but things like the animations in krunner now are really quick and smooth while before they were jumpy.

On the other hand, they often believe there is a place called "hell" where I will spend eternity in pain and suffering. In fact, the only thing that came to mind that noone there seems to believe in is hidden messages in the Torah and bigfoot, but maybe I just didn't look correctly. If you accept everything, you are not looking for truth. I find the perspective of a world where everything can be true, everything has the same value, everything is *the same*... Dear fellows at portalmico: the only thing that make life worth living is people. * Both gives you only Exchange and POP3, but no IMAP. _session 1: a routine update in my desktop, I was surprised to see Qt 4.5 is now in extra! I had a bad start, because all fonts were broken, but after running ``fc-cache -fv`` as root and my user it looks ok again.

Finally I can code HTML and JS in python ;-) And Juno is refreshingly simple. _JSONRPC: This is how you add basic authentication to your Juno_ app: ..

So, what the heck, let's also learn something new while I'm at it. Pyjamas is sort of a Python version of GWT_ and is bliss.

The basis was the selectfeeds_ plugin and the rss_ plugin. It will probably be a 10-part series, and here is `session 2`_. Of course you probably can't **type** the damn things, but you can copy&paste them. 2968 visitors: `BOP: Ball Oriented programming`_ I am rather proud of this one: a pyqt-based graphical, animated interpreter for FLIP_, a language based on balls :-) 4. Then again, the first 3 years are not being counted ;-) 8. Yet noone seems to notice ;-) Not my best idea, not my best effort, still get email about it every month or so. _How to make your own distro in 3 not-so simple steps:

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QApplication.translate("Dialog", "&Close", None, Qt Gui. I didn't want to have two separate rawdog configurations, so I started looking at plugins. _session 1: /stories/BBS47I am finally publishing my Latino Ware 2008 tutorial, in revised and expanded form. The domain name is legal, that's just a one-character unicode name, which seems to be legal according to the rules of the ws TLD. Since unicode has several thousand glyphs, it is possible that about a trillion URLs could be done using only a 3-letter path, which is pretty awesome.

_python argentina: To avoid the classical argument about whether this is "the planet of people in Py Ar" or "posta about python from people in Py Ar", I decided to hack rawdog into producing both. The u RSSus doc is slowly growing, so I hooked assistant to the UI. Here's how: Assume the "Handbook action" is called action_Handbook. It will probably be a 10-part series, and here is `session 1`_ .. _session 1: the path of the venerable tinyurl, advantage of unicode to make things very, very, very short. _http\://➡.ws/콢: As you can see there is a *tiny arrow* (thus the name of the service) and a seemingly korean character.

This release fixes the big crashy updater bug in 0.2.11, and makes some minor improvements, like nicer date display, and a xdg resource installer. _urssus: all the latest releases of u RSSus_ have a horrible bug: if you had never used it, it would not work at all. Thanks to a bug report on the Arch package, this is fixed in today's 0.2.13 release_. It contains the blogs of members of `Python Argentina`_ .. code-block:: python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import rawdoglib.plugins from mako.template import Template from mako.lookup import Template Lookup from mako import exceptions class Mako Plugin: def __init__(self): self.lookup = Template Lookup(directories=['.'],\ output_encoding='utf-8',\ encoding_errors='replace') def fill_template(self,template, bits, result): self.lookup.put_string('actual',template) t=self.lookup.get_template('actual') try: r=t.render_unicode(**bits) except: r=exceptions.html_error_template().render() result.value=r return False p = Mako Plugin() rawdoglib.plugins.attach_hook("fill_template",\ p.fill_template) Yup, 20 lines of code! code-block:: python def on_action_Handbook_triggered(self, i=None): if i==None: return if not self.assistant or \ not self.assistant.poll()==None: helpcoll=join(abspath(dirname(__file__)),\ 'help',\ 'out',\ 'collection.qhc') cmd="assistant -enable Remote Control -collection File %s"%helpcoll self.assistant=subprocess. PIPE) self.assistant.stdin.write("Set Source qthelp://urssus/doc/handbook.html\n") And that's it. I am finally publishing my Latino Ware 2008 tutorial, in revised and expanded form.

And produces a config, a config-full and a config-python. Specifically, I wrote rst2qhc_ which takes one (or more) restructured text files, and creates a nice and clean Qt Help Project file from them, including section titles, references and keywords, which you mark on the text using the 'keyword' role. code-block:: XML Also, as a bonus, you can create PDF, La Te X, HTML and ODT files from the same source (heck, you can create freaking man pages). flickr:: rst2qhc I am using rawdog_ for `Planeta Py Ar`_ and I am very happy with it.

feed=rss2&cat=4&language=es # Rivendel # No tiene RSS solo python # Facundo Batista # No tiene RSS solo python # Gabriel Patiño feed 20m : : : Put all the common configurations in config-base. So, I took my usual escape route when I don't want to do grunt work on docs: Docutils_. flickr:: rst2qhc2 The one on the right is nice to read. The arrow in the middle is rst2qhc_ :-) And here's how the generated qhp file looks for a trivial outline of a manual (and the reason why I don't want to do this manually ;-): .. Since I now *do* have work to do, I will just release 0.2 now ;-) You can get it from the usual place: here's a sample of the input/output: .. And in case you are wondering what that peak of over 6000 reach (the average is under 100!

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