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Ryan reynolds dating history

The film director Rebecca Miller gave Lively that chance, because she knew, how hard it was for a female actress to get rid of the reputation of a hot bombshell, who is, surely, beautiful, but silly and that’s why can’t get serious movie roles.

Blake portrayed the main heroine Pippa in her young years.

Blake Lively portrayed a single mom with drug addiction in “The Town” (produced by Ben Affleck), a divorcée in a comedy-drama “Café Society” with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, and even a blind woman in “All I See Is You”.

Soon Eric hired an agent for his sister, and Lively began visiting auditions.

At first film directors didn’t accept Blake Lively in their movies.

But then she won the role in “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”.

“I have never tried drugs and have never slept with my friend’s boyfriend.

On the contrary, I was a brilliant student and was even elected as the class president”, Lively says smiling. But then everyone understood, that she really can change, when Blake depicted Kris in “The Town”.

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