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The small room is lit by four windows which look out into the formal courtyard.

The architect placed false windows with mirrors and mirrored glass on the opposite wall, making the hall more spacious and bright.

To gratify her passion for antique and Neoclassical art, Catherine employed the Scottish architect Charles Cameron, who not only refurbished the interior of one wing in the Neo-Palladian style then in vogue, but also constructed the personal apartments of the Empress, a rather modest Greek Revival structure known as the Agate Rooms and situated to the left of the grand palace.A delicate cast-iron grille separates the complex from the town of Tsarskoe Selo.Although the palace is popularly associated with Catherine the Great, she actually regarded its "whipped cream" architecture as old-fashioned.Petersburg in 2003, much work is still required to restore the palace to its former glory.Although Stasov's and Cameron's Neoclassical interiors are superb manifestations of late 18th-century and early 19th-century taste, the palace is best known for Rastrelli's grand suit of formal rooms known as the Golden Enfilade.The interior of the pavilion featured dining tables with dumbwaiter mechanisms.The grand entrance to the palace is flanked by two massive "circumferences", also in the Rococo style.Noted for their elaborate jasper decor, the rooms were designed so as to be connected to the Hanging Gardens, the Cold Baths, and the Cameron Gallery (still housing a collection of bronze statuary)—three Neoclassical edifices constructed to Cameron's designs.According to Catherine's wishes, many remarkable structures were erected for her amusement in the Catherine Park.That house has been pulled down six times to the foundation, then built up again till it was brought to its present state.The sum of a million six hundred thousand rubles was spent on the construction.

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