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Outlook updating conflicts

Of course it is always wise to stay current with the latest Service Pack and update releases, so make sure you set Windows Update to also include updates for other Microsoft applications.

Continuing to use Outlook 2003 or even earlier really isn’t recommended (on any version of Windows that is) as Office 2003 has been out of extended support for quite some time now and previous versions of course even longer.

To have the settings needed in a web site that will work, install the program to a custom site and change the port that the web site will use to allow both sites to run.

There are no known problems with the default settings of Share Point however IIS settings may have been changed.

This port is hard coded in the Ghost Solution Suite and can not be changed. For more information, read Configure Endpoint Protection Manager to run with a custom HTTP port.

This program requires Windows authentication to be used in IIS, which is not compatible with the settings that are needed for SEPM.

It is recommended you install SEPM in a custom site with a custom port for communications.

A custom site is the default install now for versions MR3 and higher.

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