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APTX 4869 is the only known intersection between Shinichi and the Black Organization; meaning that Shinichi's de-aging made him relevant to the Black Organization's project.

APTX is an abbreviation of "Apoptoxin," and, as the name implies, it involves the activation of apoptosis: the mechanism by which cells kill themselves.

APTX contains ingredients which have other functions as well.

The de-aging effect that occurred when Shinichi and Haibara took APTX 4869 probably indicates the main intent of the drug's development.

After Pisco saw Haibara shrink back to her child form, he commented that he was impressed she had developed the drug to that point, implying that deaging is in the right direction.

The goal of this might be to revert all non-neural cells to a "youthful", high reproductive potential state.

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Vermouth's unnatural youth is another indicator that the Black Organization may be involved in research towards extending lifespan, halting aging, or rejuvenating the body.It is unknown if the Black Organization has found replacement researchers to continue work on the APTX 4869 project after Shiho's defection.Sometime during APTX's development, the Black Organization decided to use the incomplete form as a poison for stealthy murder, since it could kill without leaving trace in the victim. 4869 can also be pronounced "Shi-Ya-Ro-Ku" (シャロク Sharoku) Throughout the series there are several instances in which the APTX was temporarily neutralized and Shinichi and Shiho were returned to their actual age forms.Shiho boycotted her work, when she couldn't get any answer to why her sister had died.To die by her own hand, she used the poison and ended up getting shrunk, which made her able to escape.which destroyed much of their research, leaving their daughter Shiho Miyano behind and the project in an unfinished state.The Miyano parents' version of the APTX 4869 was used to kill at least one person, Kohji Haneda who was murdered 17 years ago and included on Shiho's list of APTX victims.The only apparent canon exception was Shinichi's reversion in the London arc.While not canon, Crossroad in the Ancient Capital uses this idea as Conan is given a pill to give him the symptoms of a cold, while drinking baijiu.Later Shiho Miyano, was set to be executed for being a possible loose end after Gin and Vodka killed her sister Akemi.Instead of letting herself be murdered, Shiho took her own poison intending to commit suicide; however, her body was reverted back to a childhood state like Shinichi's.

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