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Melissa etheridge dating

She made the jump to premium channel shows with HBO and “The Comeback” in 2005.

Melissa Etheridge’s first long-term, committed relationship lasted for 12 years and produced two, now adult, children. Julie Cypher carried both of their children, and, months before they split, the couple revealed rock icon David Crosby had donated to help them sire their kids.

The split appeared to be civil and remained as they co-parented together.

Pitt, meanwhile, is dad to six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, with wife Angelina Jolie.

May 31, 2014 was the day that Melissa Etheridge wed her best friend Linda Wallem.

Linda Wallem was even Melissa Etheridge’s “best woman” in the singer’s 2003 commitment ceremony to Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Etheridge has talked openly about the fact that having a relationship with someone she was so close to platonically for so long made it interesting, to say the least.Melissa Etheridge and ex-partner Julie Cypher considered asking Brad Pitt to be their sperm donor.The 54-year-old singer explained why she and Cypher ultimately rejected Pitt in favor of Crosby, Stills and Nash musician David Crosby in a recent interview with Australian morning show "He was such a good friend of mine," Etheridge said of Pitt.Melissa Etheridge has said that it was actually while Linda Wallem was helping her with her children after her initial separation with Tammy Lynn Michaels that the two friends became more.Wallem was right there to help her with the kids and life, and over that time period, the love they had as best friends grew to be romantic as well.Linda Wallem’s brother, Stephen Wallem, was on “Nurse Jackie” as a recurring character, Thor. He credits her only for getting him an initial audition.From there it was made clear that he was on his own to get further call backs or a part.That was just the next step in an already almost decade-long friendship.They had been close for 9 years previous, often referring to each other as best friends in that time period.Etheridge has said that while it is admittedly a different way to start a relationship it has also been truly beautiful."I've never been friends with someone for that long and then entered into a romantic relationship... She's my friend and it's really pretty amazing.I'm happier than I've ever, ever been."On screen, Wallem may be most known for a small role in “Sleepless in Seattle.” Throughout the 1990’s however, she became known more for her work behind the camera.

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