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The figure sat next to a medium-sized rock that cast a shadow over their face, and Meetra wondered why someone, tonight of all nights, would come out to the middle of nowhere and sit alone like she had.

Maybe Meetra would plop down next to them, offer them a packaged drink, and they'd get to know each other. The stars were surely bright tonight, and the sky was clear enough so she could see a few ringed planets in the vastness of space.

As she trudged up the hill, she began to understand why someone would want to spend a night here.

The person was so far away that Meetra couldn't pick out the details.

She stuffed the ration bar back into her bag, and stood up, the wind weaving through and around the grass and brushing against her legs.

Meetra had to admit, this place almost had the power to make her forget about everything that went wrong in her life. His head turned around and his hazel eyes widened."Atton? "Meetra raised an eyebrow at the pet name- it was one of many. I assumed you were with everyone else aboard the time. Atton rubbed his shoulder gingerly and flashed an uncertain look at her.

Finally, Meetra looked down at the rock, and the person sitting next to it, and the shock that hit her next was like a breath of chilled air. "He gave her a tired smirk, and it half lit up his eyes. Everyone needs a bit of that, y'know."The words were out of Meetra's mouth before she could think about them. Meetra flopped down into the grass, and it poked beneath and around her head as she lay there. The Force here is beautiful."Atton didn't follow her gaze to the ringed planet.

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There was so much ahead of her, but so much was behind her as well. She pulled a ration bar out of her bag, peeled the wrapping off and bit into it.

She was alone in the middle of the field, the few Kath Hounds that had survived the destruction were visible but far away.

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