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Following an incident when a knife was pulled on him at London's Subterania because he "didn't fit in", he began to look for new musical pastures. While Liam was immersed in hip-hop, his home country was on an altogether different trip - Acid House.While pure house music tempered it's rhythmic obsession by incorporating more melodies and harmonies, Acid House pursued rhythm to new extremes, using technology to create beats that could never be simulated by human beings.

His very first record was Ska's Greatest Hits, containing tracks from The Selector and The Specials.

When he went to school he learnt break-dancing and danced a lot with his crew Inevitably, Howlett wanted to perform his own material.

Liam's first experience of rave culture was a party at the Barn in Rayne (home to the Shamen's Mr. He was immediately converted: "I thought it was the bollocks, such a different experience from what I had become used to.

Hip-hop was such an exclusivist, pretentious scene, and to a certain extent, it always excluded white bands.

Within a couple of months, Liam had started DJ-ing at these parties and became a well known face on the Essex scene.

However, he was still too shy to play any of the material he had secretly been writing.A couple of years later, a holiday job on a building site earned him enough cash to buy two cheap turntables.Soon after, a local hip-hop band called Cut 2 Kill took him on board as their second DJ.He has a very positive attitude, not really care what people say about his music and prefers if the band just remains to be called a dance group then anything else. Especially when someone is complaining about his music. Liam has towards his music and the way he makes it. It's him who writes, produces and performs most of the music using various kinds of synthesizers.Liam is known to be the most quiet one in the band. But don't be fooled by those saying he's the Prodigy - without the others, the whole Prodigy spirit would be nothing.She married Carl Robinson, Rachel's father, in 1993 but they divorced in 1995.She married Liam Howlett in 2002 and had a son in 2004 named Ace.From this he purchased a keyboard with the intention of making a few songs for fun. But the deal excluded Liam, despite the fact that the band used one of his tracks to win the contract.This betrayal coincided with Liam's dwinding interest in hip-hop.The first demo that Liam produced featured tracks What Evil Lurks, We Gonna Rock, Android, Everybody In The Place, Charly (Original), Spacehopper, Come Correct, Demons, Drumscape.Liam Howlett signed to leading UK rave label XL Recordings on the strength of several tracks played to XL boss Nick Halkes and in 1991 the debut Prodigy single What Evil Lurks' was released.

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