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In the early 19th century, a 5,000-acre (2,000 ha) tract of land— which included what is now Lenoir City— was deeded to General William Lenoir as payment for his services in the American Revolutionary War.David Campbell and another early settler, Alexander Outlaw, filed a case against Lenoir in court, arguing they had already laid claim to parts of the Lenoir tract.You must ensure that they has actually turned a whole leaf on the life worth pursuing.

When the railroad reached the Lenoir estate in 1855, a depot was constructed, and the community of Lenoir Station developed around it. Sanders arrived at Lenoir Station after having failed to destroy the railroad trestle at Loudon.

The city's northwest quadrant would be a middle class and affluent residential area, whereas the northeast quadrant would be for the city's wage-workers.

The southwest quadrant would contain blast furnaces, steel works, and other large factories, while the southeast quadrant would contain woodworking, furniture, and canning factories.

Lenoir City is a city in Loudon County, Tennessee, United States.

The population was 6,418 at the 2000 census and the population rose to 8,642 as of 2010.

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