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To grasp "modern" Korea we will first need a tour through previous centuries, to make the point that you may forget about history, but history will not forget about you.

Consider this statement on Korean history around the time of Christ: "The significance of sinicised Choson, and later settlements in Korea sponsored by the Han emperors, lay in their long-term cultural influence on Japan.

Did China exercise no "cultural influence" on Korea, but only on Japan? If so, why emphasize and dwell upon Japan, and not Korea? 1400 (the above author's time frame) and had a definitive effect on ... We need not name country X to see the deficiencies of such a statement.

Mind is mind-and-heart or sim, a visceral knowledge that joins thought with emotion and that has an honored position in Western civilization in the thought of Plato.

The Korean mind-heart is attuned to the spirits that inhabit the nature of all things (bears, crickets, trees, flowers, homes, rivers, mountains), the ghosts and goblins that walk the night, the shamans who cast spells, the heterodox women who unite mind and body in the writhing incantations of the mudang sorcerer.

The real story is indigenous Korea and the unstinting Koreanization of foreign influence, not vice versa.

In his masterful book After Virtue, Alasdair Mac Intyre persuades readers in the twentieth century to understand that the ideas inhabiting their minds are fragments of a lost totality, whether they fancy themselves Lockean liberals, Augustinian Catholics, or Aristotelian rationalists.

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