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The Princess Bride (1987) The culmination of a classic fairytale story, this kiss between hero Westley (played by Cary Elwes) and the dutifully saved princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) is both heart-warming and romantic.

As the film’s narrator, Peter Falk, says: “Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. Atonement (2007) Atonement, though low on laughs, is big on romance and the lasting power of love.

You’ve spent 5 hours together and the conversation has flowed effortlessly.The kiss, however, is passionately romantic, prompting Jones to claim that ‘nice boys don’t kiss like that’.Shailene Woodley is in love and she doesn't care who knows it.Woodley, who was joined by two friends, even sported a North Harbour beanie to show her support for her beau. You're somebody who holds me high, keeps me safe, you've got my f--kin' back... And if not, I will still love you, but I ain't fallin' in love with you! Hey, I could fall in love with an Aussie and move to Australia. " But, when she spoke to the magazine two years later, she clarified that she wasn't actively looking for love. But finding someone to share my life with—it's more difficult to fill those shoes. Earlier in the day, Woodley and Volavola were photographed kissing outside a café in Auckland. I'm very curious to see where my life ends up when it comes to partnership," the Big Little Lies actress explained. Film-makers have long known the value of the on-screen kiss.As a filmic finale, a lingering kiss is a simple, yet powerful, conduit for the release of romantic and sexual tension.Spanning the course of six decades, the film chronicles the heart-wrenching effects of a child’s false accusation.The kiss pictured here is the final one between Robbie (James Mc Avoy) and Cecilia (Keira Knightley) before Robbie is shipped off to fight in WWII on the French front.Love Actually (2003) Of the various tales told during the Christmas feel-gooder ‘Love Actually’, it’s the one involving Jamie (played by Colin Firth) and Aurélia (played by Lucia Moniz) that sets hearts racing.After leaving his French cottage, the previously heart-broken Jamie realizes too late that he’s in love with Portuguese housekeeper Aurélia, and so returns to seek her out.

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    Imagine if you will an amazing first date. You've spent 5 hours together and the conversation has flowed effortlessly. You planned to just meet for late afternoon coffee, but the evening just took off. You went to dinner, and now you're taking a stroll through a beautiful green park on a warm spring night. Before you know it.…