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History on stradiuarius violins dating in the 1800s

Virtually all genuine Strad's and Guarneri del Jesu's that are known to still exist are accounted for.

While having varnish on the neck is an indication of a poor instrument (or at least a poor finish), the clearer indication is how the transition looks between the varnished head and the unvarnished neck.An anonymous Italian instrument that is over 200 years old and a is fine work of art may still be worth several thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.Note also that there were roughly 20,000 violin makers over more than 250 years making instruments in the Italian tradition in the vity of Cremona, Italy alone (the home of Stradivari).If you wish to obtain a formal, written appraisal of your instrument, for which you may be charged a fee, consult the resources at the bottom of this page.-Dwight Newton/Is this a real Stradivari (Guarneri, Amati, Stainer, etc.) my Uncle Frank left me? Antonio Stradivari's designs and labels, as well as those of many other famous makers, have been copied more than just about any art objects in history except possibly the Mona Lisa.When exposed to extremes of heat (as many instruments were before the advent of air conditioning) the layers expand at different rates.A well-applied oil varnish retains a certain elasticity that generally prevents this kind of crazing.In the Victorian era, it was a common marketing technique to attach fake, or even authentic, Stradivari labels to mass produced instruments made in Germany and France.This practice was not considered deceptive at the time, since it was common knowledge that these were cheap replicas. I know a lot about them and most other musical instruments in general, but when it comes to any specific instrument, I can't tell you much about it with any authority.Since I often get questions about the authenticity and value of violins and similar instruments, I thought it would be useful to put together the standard resources I usually recommend.

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