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So let’s just present a summary of what life is in early retirement. It’s actually with a certain amount of guilt that I present this series of pictures, because I know it’s far from the minimalist ideal that many of the happiest people of the world pursue. People still don’t believe me, and they don’t have time to read the older posts which explain things step-by-step.As with many places in the United States, this place is Pure Freedom, expressed as a series of geographical features.

But that doesn’t mean sitting at home at all times.

Even at this age, our son has been to four countries and about 20 US states. Travel is one of her interests, which is why we do so much of it.

Since then, I’ve spent almost a thousand hours of my own time renovating the house to add upgrades like wood floors instead of carpet, ornate tiles instead of plastic shower pans, and other details that make me happy.

It all came at minimal cost due to the fact that carpentry is my idea of a good time – it feels like play rather than work to me. How We Get it for Less: At 37 years of age, I’m getting old.

This post will then become a piece of reference material, so I can link back to it whenever the topic of how deprived our life must be comes up again. All I can say is, “this is where we are now, it’s obviously more than enough, and over time we’re finding we want less and less, rather than more and more”.

Please don’t take this as a celebration of materialism and excessive spending. Following the style of those Forbes Magazine top ten lists, we’ll cover each aspect of the lifestyle with a picture and description, then follow up with notes on how we try to get the most out of each area of life while minimizing the cost.At the time, it was underpriced by almost ,000 due to a motivated seller and a lack of market research on the part of the agent.We toured the house on the first day it went to market, and had the offer in on the same day.Around here, that buys you a 4-bedroom house in great condition, in any of the nicest neighborhoods of the city.The house has four bathrooms including a master suite that is straight out of a design magazine.A stereo system that can reproduce the richest and most detailed music you’ve ever heard, and five other systems which also play music. An enviable set of educational toys for the little boy. The Place in the World The Money Mustache Family lives, in my own humble opinion, in one of the nicest places on Earth.The Boulder County area of Colorado sits on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, where constantly sunny weather lights up the sparkling glacier-fed streams.We spend about 3 months traveling each year and plan to do more as he gets older. She combs the Internet and gets ridiculous deals on flights and hotels. We aren’t impressed by valet parking or drinks and 0 steaks, but we ARE impressed by 14,000 foot peaks, coral reefs, wilderness preserves and untouched beaches. Throwing aside practicality, I own an all-electric Tesla Roadster (one of the fastest cars in the world) plus a BMW 335d diesel wagon for family runabouts and a custom-built Mercedes Sprinter cargo van converted into an RV for extended travel.The Cars: I write about bikes pretty often, so I must be one of those wacky car-free people right? How We Get Them For Less: But instead, I have forced myself to acknowledge that expensive cars are a big drain on the wallet and don’t actually deliver lasting happiness, so I focus on practicality rather than the latest luxury.And even a little bit of hipness creeping in, if the growing number of cruiser bikes, Subarus, beards, and packed microbreweries can be considered a measure of such things.The Vacations: As your life changes, your travel preferences will probably change as well.

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