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Additionally, 1 collapsible car seat/stroller/carrycot is allowed for infants.

Size and weight limits of baggage for international flights of Air India- On all flights that originate in India and reach Sydney/Melbourne, or other flights originating Sydney/Melbourne and reaching destinations in India, London, Birmingham, Europe (Rome/Frankfurt /Madrid/Milan/Paris / Vienna/ Stockholm/Copenhagen), Middle East and Colombo/Kabul/Male/Yangon/Dhaka/Kathmandu: From India to Far East or South-East Asia except Japan, there is a provision for free baggage of 40, 30 and 20 kgs on First, Executive and Economy class respectively.

Singapore to Europe are allowed 30 kg and 40 kg in Economy and Business Class respectively.

h) India to Singapore flights have free baggage allowance of 40 and 30 kgs for Business and Economy class.

Passengers flying on Alliance Air exclusive flights will have check-in baggage allowance of 15 kg only (10 kg on flights to/from Shimla), not 25 kg for economy class.

If passengers have to take flights between Air India and Alliance Air, allowance will remain at 25 kg for economy class travellers.

Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi/Jeddah/Riyadh/Kabul are allowed 20 kg and 30 kg for Economy and Business class travel respectively.

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Hong Kong to Dubai/Bahrain/Dammam/Riyadh/Muscat/Colombo/Male/Yangon/Kathmandu/Dhaka/Europe are allowed 30 kg in Economy and 40 kg in Business class.a) India-Bangkok flights have allowance of 40 kgs and 30 kgs for Business and Economy class respectively.b) For AI flights originating from Bangkok and to India, UK, Europe, Middle East and Kathmandu, the baggage allowance is 40 and 30 kgs respectively for Business and Economy class of travel.Bangkok to USA flights have baggage allowance of 2 pcs with each piece of 32 and 23 kgs respectively for Business and Economy travelers.d) For journeys from Shanghai to India/London/Birmingham/Frankfurt/Paris/Rome/Milan, the allowance is 30 and 20 kgs respectively for Business and Economy Class travellers.This is permissible only on domestic flights and not on international flights If the length exceeds this value, it is best carried as registered baggage.Hand baggage is not allowed in flights from Jammu and Kashmir.g) Singapore to India flights via Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai will have free allowance of 40 and 30 kgs for Business and Economy fliers.Singapore to Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Dhaka/Kathmandu destinations allow for 30 kg in Economy, 40 kg in Business and 40 kg in First class.There is also a restriction on volume on carrying certain types of liquids. Exceptions to this limit are of medicines, inhalers accompanied by prescriptions and baby food.Sikhs are allowed to carry kirpan of total length not exceeding 9 inches and blade not exceeding 6 inches in cabin.

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