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With moving times, couples have taken to sexting like fish to water, and therefore a need for such apps has been created.So here are a few apps you can use to plan the next meet with your Netflix and chill partner, or you know, for sexting.

It’s a photo messaging application in which every single image you ever send self-destructs after an amount of time.

You can choose the time, in seconds, and you can also see whether the image has been opened yet or not.

If you think sexting, you probably think of Snapchat; It is the most used app for sexting, there is no getting around that fact.

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat started the sexting revolution, and that is continuing strongly to this date.

Telegram resembles the UI of Whats App a lot, but under the hood, there are a lot of changes and differences.

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It uses your phone number to verify your credentials, but after that, you can use a username and stay anonymous if you wish to.

Kik is a ‘normal’ messaging app, but it offers more than usual security and anonymity expected of such applications.

Like most apps on this list, Kik also uses usernames and not phone numbers.

People who have your phone numbers can find you on Telegram using it, but random people on the internet can’t.

You can use Telegram on multiple devices at the same time as well. If you’re in a group chat, random people can not see your phone number, so they can’t bother you unlike Telegram’s biggest competitor, Whatsapp.

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