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Fossil radiometric dating

In this diagram, sections A and B represent rock layers 200 miles (320 km) apart.

As such, they were considered unlikely to recur on what was thought to be an unchanging world.

With the exception of a few prescient individuals such as Roger Bacon (Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), no one stepped forward to champion an enlightened view of the natural history of the Earth until the mid-17th century.

Leonardo seems to have been among the first of the Renaissance scholars to “rediscover” the uniformitarian dogma through his observations of fossil marine organisms and sediments exposed in the hills of northern Italy.

The tracing and matching of the fossil content of separate rock outcrops (i.e., correlation) eventually enabled investigators to integrate rock sequences in many areas of the world and construct a relative geologic time scale.

Fossils help geologists establish the ages of layers of rock.

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