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Emerge config file needs updating

In the last couple years I've become much more careful about wholesale updating, electing instead to do it piecemeal after viewing the update tree.Gentoo development seems to have passed its heyday. Anyway, one additional thing you might try, just to be really fastidious about the whole process, is cleaning out your distfiles. emerge --sync //Synchronize the package manager with the latest //version of each package.(use --oneshot for things you don't want to add in to the world file, like system libs for example).

Also, to avoid too many surprises, you might find it helpful to subscribe to one of the mailing lists like (WARNING: ~100 mails a day on this list) since pretty much any major update issues are likely to show up on the list with plenty of discussion explaining how to solve them.

I would guess that the next major "problem" update will be the migration to openrc once it goes stable (it was done on ~arch middle of last year iirc with only a few issues, primarily with networking changes).

When we set up the system, we install the package to cover these.

When additional host tools are needed we can update the package and re-merge it on the host, which will pull in any new tools that are needed -- the build_packages script does this automatically.

We use the toolchain headers and libraries to bootstrap the board target sysroot in /build/.

When we set up the board, we can optionally set up a Portage overlay for that individual board.If you were unlucky enough to notice some broken packages after the update then you would be sure that they aren't a result of removing any loose dependencies.sets up a standard Portage build environment and installs some build dependencies.Unless you have a requirement like low HDD space then you can come back and depclean at less regular intevals.There's no harm having them around for a short period.If your goal is to have the absolute latest of all packages, then yes, that seems to cover all the bases.I'm surprised this has worked for you for a long time, though, because I would imagine you'd get bitten often by blocks, broken deps, etc.revdep-rebuild //means if something is broken by an update, it //recompiles it. Your process is correct though running every command is probably not necessary usually I just do a sync and an update world.Emerge will tell you usually if you need to run a script to rebuild file such as during a major Python upgrade and will also tell you when to merge configuration changes.Perhaps the --newuse switch is unnecassary, but I'm often editing my so it makes sense for me.Looks fine, although I wouldn't be so quick to run depclean.

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