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“They can bounce back quicker and don’t hang on because they know the issue most of the time isn’t them, but the partner,” she says.

She explains that this could be a result of you being affirmed from a young age.

Mogashana ends by saying that relationships with parents are complex, whether the father is there or not, and they don’t have to determine the course of your romantic relationships.

“You need to get a deeper or better understanding of how your relationship with her father plays a role in your romantic relationships – then you’ll be able to move forward,” she ends.

“It’s almost like you end up attracting men who are likely to reject you – a character similar to that of your father,” she says.

Clinical psychologist Dr Sherry Blake, cited in agrees with Mogashana: “You may have fear of abandonment or rejection, stay in unhealthy relationships or bounce from person to person because of the fear of being without a man.

Well look who’s all boo’d up and living life to the fullest!

That would be young, black and fabulous starlet Ryan Destiny.

that she’s not into pulling fake PR stunts (unlike her character on "Star").

Find out what else she told us about colorism in the industry and more…

“If you’re aware of the emotional needs that weren’t met – you’re able to deal with that.

That will allow put you in a better emotional state and you’re likely to attract the right people,” she says.

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