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The figures are depicted in an attitude of greeting, symbolising unity.This also represents the beginning of the individual’s transformation into the greater sense of belonging to the nation and by extension, collective humanity.

The Xara Designer Pro X trial can be uninstalled via the Control Panel.

The most popular colours of Africa have been assigned to the protea – green, gold, red and black.

The secretary bird The secretary bird is characterised in flight, the natural consequence of growth and speed. A powerful bird whose legs - depicted as the spear and knobkierie - serve it well in its hunt for snakes, symbolising protection of the nation against its enemies.

The pipe at the beginning of the name "ǀXam" represents a dental click, like the English interjection tsk, tsk! The ⟨x⟩ denotes a voiceless velar fricative click accompaniment.

Compared to other Khoisan languages, there is little variation in rendering the name though it is sometimes seen with the simple orthographic variant ǀKham, as well as a different grammatical form, ǀKhuai.

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