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Dating the exodus

After inquiring about the status of the book via e-mail correspondence to Dr.

Petrovich, he wrote back and indicated that the timing of publication of this book is currently uncertain.

The movie has since made its way to Netflix, and has become influential to many evangelicals.

Unfortunately, this is leading many people down the blind alley of the New Chronology.

The only variable is the time-span of Joshua and the Judges.

The late date (1270BC) was chosen due to the length of Ramses’ reign (one of two pharaohs that ruled for over 40 years – the time Moses was in wilderness exile) and evidence of battles in Palestine dating to ~1230BC (Joshua’s conquest after the wilderness wandering). states the Exodus took place 480 years before the construction of Solomon’s temple began.

However, the late-date Exodus allows only 180 years for Joshua and the Judges, while the early-date Exodus, allows 356 years. (Some scholars spiritualize this to mean 12 tribes x 40 years of trials.

This lets them use the 1270 BC date.) Thutmose III’s 60 year reign makes him an ideal candidate as the pharaoh of the oppression, and his son Amenhotep II as the pharaoh of the Exodus. In , Jephthah states that the Israelites had possession of the land for some 300 years.Hopefully the Lord will continue to bless this generation as more archaeological work is done and the data continue to shed light on this difficult topic.For now, I would assert that the revisionist timeline of Rohl is an unnecessary diversion.It is an entertaining documentary, with very high production values, and it does retain redeeming features: the archaeology of Jericho, Joseph’s tomb, the Merneptah Stele, the Berlin Fragment, and interviews with a handful of conservative scholars.While the Bible, plainly read, argues for an early-date Exodus c 1446BC, some scholars claim that there is a lack of archaeological evidence to support this, and prefer to put the Exodus at a later date of c 1270BC.If that be true, either date is an acceptable working hypothesis, and neither date should be held dogmatically.'” From what I can tell, Bruce Waltke seems to have gone from a firm 15th century advocate to saying that the matter is “uncertain” in his OT Theology (2007).More recently, Duane Garrett has echoed this uncertainty in his Exodus commentary (Kregel Exegetical Library, 2014).But we can at least consider an overview of the positions held by sound, contemporary scholars.At this time Ted Wright, Bryant Wood, Charles Ailing, and Douglas Petrovich are at the forefront in defending a 15th century exodus from Egypt (1446/7 BC).In this he is in line with the views of Bryant Wood. With the names of three biblical characters in view on the materials he studied, the implications obviously go above and beyond the nature of the written Hebrew language.He just recently earned his Ph D in ANE history and archeology from the University of Toronto (where Wood and Hoffmeier also earned their doctorates), and made a bit of news last year when he claimed that ancient Hebrew was the first proto-consonantal alphabet and derivative of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Moreover, he believes that recent Austrian-led archaeological digs at Avaris have turned up evidence that the site was abruptly abandoned during the reign of Amenhotep II. He intended to write a book, “Evidence of Israelites in Egypt”, based on this and other recent archaeological evidence.

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