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Now you hold the story of Raistlin as told by Margaret-the one person who knows him best of all.The journey may not always be comfortable but it will be a worthy one. Here, now, is the story that she has longed to tell.

" This is tantamount to asking a mother to name her favorite child!

We love our children for themselves, a love individual as each child.

I knew his "stats," developed for the Dragonlance role-playing game. I had to know the reason Raistlin had golden skin and hourglass eyes.

I knew he was a third-level mage in his early twenties. In trying to solve this mystery, I was led to an understanding of the true nature of Raistlin's character.

I knew he was slight in build, wore red robes, and that he was known among his friends as "The Sly One." I knew he had a strong, well-built, powerful twin brother named Caramon. That he would be jealous of his good-looking, stronger twin brother was a natural feeling to which every person who has ever grown up with a sibling could relate.

But he was just one of a number of characters-Tanis, Sturm, Flint, Tasslehoff-until I read the passage that said Raistlin had "golden skin and hourglass eyes.""Why does he have golden skin and hourglass eyes? That he was not generally trusted or well liked by his peers was obvious.And if Terry is reading this now-wherever he is-I wish him peace.Tracy Hickman October 10, 1997The Creation of Raistlin Majere I'm often asked, "Who's your favorite character?All very intriguing, but it didn't explain the golden skin and hourglass eyes. His twin brother and his elder half-sister were perfectly normal-looking humans.Perhaps his study of magic had caused this transformation.That Raistlin would turn to the study of magic was again obvious.Of course, it would be his elder half-sister, the restless and ambitious Kitiara, who would lead his thoughts in that direction.He must have had to take a test to prove his abilities to the wizards who lived in the Towers of High Sorcery.What sort of magical test would they give young wizards? Otherwise anyone with a bit of talent could declare himself a wizard.Margaret Weis THE SOULFORGE(Dragonlance: The Raistlin Chronicles — 1)Foreword It's been over ten years since we gathered in my little apartment for a game session.Dragonlance was known only to a handful of us then, an infant full of promise not yet realized.

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