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Dating in colonial america

Colonial America - Land of the Brave Colonial America A comprehensive illustrated guide to Colonial America.

Containing facts and information about the founding and establishment of the 13 Colonies and the struggles of the early colonists.

The line of demarcation between the two classes of vitrified materials—stoneware and porcelain—is extremely vague.

This ware was copied in petuntse (a feldspathic rock also called china stone), the latter being ground to powder and mixed with the clay.When feldspar or soapstone (steatite) is added to the clay and exposed to a temperature of 2,000 to 2,650 °F (1,100 to 1,450 °C), the product becomes translucent and is known as porcelain.In this section, is used to denote all pottery substances that are not vitrified and are therefore slightly porous and coarser than vitrified materials.If a sun-dried clay vessel is filled with water, it will eventually collapse, but, if it is heated, chemical changes that begin to take place at about 900 °F (500 °C) preclude a return to the plastic state no matter how much water is later in contact with it.Clay is a refractory substance; it will vitrify only at temperatures of about 2,900 °F (1,600 °C).Read about the relationship between the monarchy and government of Great Britain.The Triangular Trade that was established across the Atlantic and the laws that governed trade in Colonial America including the Navigation Acts, the Sugar Act, the Townshend Acts and the Stamp Act American Historama - United States History.The secret of true, or hard, porcelain similar to that of China was not discovered until about 1707 in Saxony, when Johann Friedrich Böttger, substituted ground feldspathic rock for the ground glass in the soft porcelain formula.Soft porcelain, always regarded as a substitute for hard porcelain, was progressively discontinued because it was uneconomic; kiln wastage was excessive, occasionally rising to nine-tenths of the total.If it is mixed with a substance that will vitrify at a lower temperature (about 2,200 °F, or 1,200 °C) and the mixture is subjected to heat of this order, the clay will hold the object in shape while the other substance vitrifies.This forms a nonporous opaque body known as stoneware.

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