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Qatar is a central location and the airfare to these countries is much cheaper than back home."Worst" is not the word I would use, rather "frustrating." There are many times when I have become frustrated in Qatar.

The atmosphere is different from what we are used to in North America — seeing the Qataris in their national dress can seem intimidating in the beginning.

But I can assure you that once you meet the Qatari people, you will find they become some of the most loyal friends you will ever have. [Housing is commonly provided for expatriate staff everywhere in the Middle East.] I am close to work.

I have already mentioned dune-bashing and kite- surfing, but I also enjoy travelling.

Since I've come to Qatar, I've already been to India, Bahrain, Egypt, and Thailand.

Although cabs are relatively inexpensive around Doha, I chose to own the road by buying a 4x4 Ford Explorer for US$6,000 from someone leaving Qatar.

Since many expat workers have short contracts, usually lasting only a few years, you can always strike a sweet deal at the "fire sales" expats have when they're returning home. You never know how long it will take you to get from A to B, and you also never know what kind of crazy drivers you will encounter.I am in my early 40s, and I am originally from Canada, but I had worked in the United States for the past few years prior to coming to Qatar.I have been working in healthcare in Doha for more than a year. I am comfortable with myself and therefore do not mind being alone.I also employ a housekeeper who dusts and keeps things in order; I am a single man after all.For exercise, I travel to Education City to use their pool and exercise facilities.Once again, I must emphasize: This is not the place to meet women.That being said, there are loads of other things to do in Qatar.For example, during Qatar's flag-waving, horn-honking, and generally bumper-to-bumper National Day, I do not drive.Back home, I used to have a passion for welding and working in my garage. Since I arrived in Qatar, this has changed, but not for the worse.In Doha, you are lucky to have a travelling musician playing only the most repetitive lounge classics.I have been so desperate for a good live band that I even went to see Bryan Adams when he came to Doha.

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