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Second, on April 14th Naoto Kan, the prime minister, inaugurated a 15-member task force that aims to develop a “New Tohoku Model” for rebuilding stricken areas.

This may not be enough to head off rising frustration.

In the past week three developments have cast doubt on the usefulness of Japan's prevailing attitude of , or endurance.

First, on April 17th Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) laid out a nebulous six-to-nine-month plan to bring its damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant to a state of cold shutdown, in which it stops leaking radioactive matter.

"But fundamentally, I think if you're going to have a really, truly loving partnership, you have to be completely transparent, communicating and sharing everything.

Neil and I fall more and more in love with each other every day, and I think part of that is because we encourage each other to say more, share more, to peel ourselves open to each other in the middle of the night when the day is done and the real talking happens.

There are innumerable stories of personal hardship.

Yet in the absence of concerted local pressure for financial support from Tokyo, the central government appears stuck in the comforting rituals of parliamentary squabbling with a myopic opposition. For some reason, I got all of these things right at the first time. Anyways, the girl's style is horrible, the animation is atrocious, the background is from a Windows XP wallpaper, and even the text looks like it came from the Notepad shortcut in your PC.IN A nation of stoics, the most patient sufferers—by common consent—are those from Tohoku, the poor north-eastern area struck by earthquake and tsunami on March 11th.The best-known poem by the region's most beloved poet, Kenji Miyazawa (born in 1896), starts “Be not defeated by the rain”.It extols the virtues of enduring harsh conditions with good grace."Our relationship is open, and the open-ness is grounded in total honesty with one another.We're very communicative with each other and we share everything. I can't speak for anyone but myself, and there are a million ways to love and be in a relationship," Palmer said."A real relationship with your fanbase is a longterm, committed relationship; I've been in a relationship with my fans for 13 effect, we're common law, right?Either way...we've been through a lot of shit together, we've had our ups and downs, our petty fights, our deaths to mourn, our births to celebrate, our embarrassing slip-ups, our times of needs together and apart, our moments of extreme appreciating for each other.She's not "using" her fans, she's committed to them.It's symbiotic and there's giving in both directions.

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