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Dating english houses external evidence

And as maps are documents, large maps are especially works of art, too.Therefore the legends do not always use normal script but designed capital letters, which are like epigraphic writing.

As most of the historical documents are dated, there is no difficulty in finding records for comparison also for the different regions, if a single piece is lacking its date.The modern method of dating literary hands is the comparison with tables of dated and datable manuscripts of the same time and region: the famous old libraries publish their material in editions of large scale in all European countries. Most of them are conserved in books as illustrations to religious texts. Quite another problem are the singles, especially on sheets of large size.That refers also to map revive the opinion that Gervase of Tilbury may be not only the ideal but the real creator of it.There is much discussion to accurately date them because they lack text from a book which they illustrate, which could explain the map-painting.Therefore they need to be studied in isolation with regard to their content and to their appearance.Anna-Dorthee von den Brincken in her (42:9-25) article, “Monumental Legends on Medieval Manuscript Maps Notes on designed capital letters on maps of large size (demonstrated from the problem of dating the Vercelli Map, thirteenth century)”, explores this dating methodology, below are some highlights..The style of painting and writing can be observed, though monumental elements make it survive for long periods.As he lost the plates of his book during the Second World War and he was to reconstruct it, the models of his copies were only in general identified.It might be supposed that he remembered the large copy, the only one which we have today, in the publication of Youssouf Kamal, as the original map is in a bad condition.He also argues that the figure on the map of a king in Mauretania named “Phillip” is intended to represent Philip II of France (1180-1223) and not Philip III (1270-85).On stylistic grounds, he similarly places the map earlier rather than later in the 13The medieval world map is a documentary and also a narrative authority for the historian: it reflects the knowledge as well as the view of the world.

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