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The Lion And The Stoat1Far away in a small country, there lived two artists - a stoat and a lion. We sleep in tents ahd make fires to cook breakfast and dinner.

Each ofus (bring)8 a painting and the public (be)9 the judge." The stoat (agree)10.

(Kleet)7 me in the market square in a month at 110011.

Nobody (like ,likes ,doesn't like) (it ,when ,it when) the wind blows.

Did it (happen ,happened) (with ,to )her when she was in the street?

The boy took.father: he was smart and very gentelmanlike.

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He ran_to sea at the age of fourteen and never returned home. She doesn't like your success;that's why she's always running you_.

2)If the hole in the ozone layer gets bigger,the climate(be)....hotter.

Did you have (a ,the , -)good summer 3.(where ,when) were you (a ,the, -)last summer?

1)travel south/reach Antarctica 2)freeze water/turn into ice 2.

a) speaks b) spoke c) will speak Example: Not sleep/get tired If you don't sleep,you get tired.

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