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Bob jones policy on interracial dating

While Bob Jones III deliberately sought to deceive Larry King and his audience by saying, "...

The University and Bob Jones III did, in fact, attempt to back up their interracial dating/marriage Rules with Scripture.

"In spite of lengthy finding of fact in the District Court that Bob Jones University was 'like a church' and 'pervasively religious,' the Supreme Court saw fit to separate its religious purpose from its educational function."4.

"Bob Jones University does not discriminate on the basis of race.

"The university had a policy, based on its understanding of the Bible, that forbade interracial dating and marriage among its students.

In order to make that policy easier to enforce, the university did not admit blacks..."2.

In fact, they published a couple of different sets of Scripture to do so.

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Additionally, their interracial marriage views were taught from the chapel platform within the last generation of students, Bob Jones III doing the honors personally four years before his Larry King Live interview in 2000!

It gives the impression that the policy preceded assemblage of Scriptural support and undermines the credibility of the staff.

As if it could not get worse, it does when Bob Jones III was asked for a Bible verse supporting his position and Bob Jones III publicly denied ever having tried to do so.

Paul Achterberg, BJU Admissions Counselor, also wrote a similar email in 1998.

Unfortunately, this particular applicant published Pait's and Achtergerg's letters on his website. In public interviews with the Greenville print and broadcast media, Bob Jones III declared his interracial dating/marriage Rules to be based upon "Bible policy." Yet, preacher Bob Jones III preached and proclaimed his interracial marriage ban publicly.

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