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Autopatcher not updating

I then decided to try something completely different, I went ahead with my clean install and used the free upgrade to Win10, this didn't go to plan first time due to Checking for Updates on the install.Following advice from the internet I disabled automatic updates and the Win10 install went smoothly and I'm able to get windows updates on that.Auto Patcher (formerly Auto Patcher Updater) is a simple application that can detect necessary system updates and enable you to download them from the Internet easily and fast.

The application comes with an option to remember previously made selections, which is a real advantage.

You can use this feature together with the auto command line switch in order to automatically download updates.

Hi Guys, It seems when I finally get rid of one problem, I'm back here with another.

I really hope you guys can shed some light on this issue.

So I have full Win10 running and it appears to be fine, thing is, I love Win7.

I played a couple games on Win10 and it was perfectly fine.

Furthermore, it can connect to the download servers using proxies in order to hide your identity.

Auto Patcher does not provide you with a wide range of components to update, but you can use it to quickly download the newest version for some important Windows components, without having to find the installation package online.

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