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Advice for guys dating single moms

The guy wants you, but is not willing to sign up for the rest of your life. "I have a two-year-old son and not much help, so I signed up for online dating, to browse, when my son was sleeping at night." She says it turns out there are a lot of sweet, cool guys online, looking to date, but nothing serious."This is a great bet for a new-to-the-dating-scene single mom, because it gives you a chance to practice your dating skills and interview guys."Better approach is to help your child put this experience in perspective.

Divorcing my husband wasn't an easy decision, but it was mine, because I actually fell for my current boyfriend and told the father of my kids, I wanted to move on and explore my feelings.

Now I'm dating this guy and everything is so confusing.

Go out for a nice dinner, glass of wine, and if that's all it turns out to be, cool!

There's plenty more guys looking just to date.

Well, the wine led to sex—led to him telling me he didn't want anything serious—after the sex. Instead of taking a hard look at my past mistakes and wrong turns, I dove back out there. A friend offered to set me up with one of her coworkers, and even though she told me he was fresh out of a breakup and had commitment issues—I went out with him, promising myself I wouldn't get attached.

I was a sex-deprived single mom, so this seemed fine to me. But then I realized I was only sleeping with him and not going on dates—and well, falling in love. One month later, my heart was, very invested and he called to say he'd slept with his ex (WTF) the night before, right after seeing me," says Rachel Sarah, author of Her advice to single moms ready to start dating: Figure out your deal-breakers and stick to them.

Try not to judge or make snarky remarks about his new girlfriend(s).

Vent to your girls and do not drill your child." If things get serious with this other woman, suggest meeting her since she'll be around your kids—and show your ex the same courtesy if you're seeing someone on the regular.__Watch out for the habitual one-night-standers.__"I have never been the sleep-with-a-guy-on-the-first-date' kind of girl," says single mom, Jillian Darlington, CEO of Mom Co: The App Where Moms Connect.

Matters of the heart are so hard, but she says it's crucial to make sure your heart is open and ready before leading on a guy.

"This is not fair to the boyfriend or the kids," says Klungness.

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